Frequently asked question about tree lopping and removal


Does the tree lopper I hire need have to insurance?
The tree lopping industry is very dangerous and should only be undertaken by a professional. Arborists must have public liability insurance. It protects homeowners and business owners from potential risk and damage. We are fully insured up to $20 million in the unlikely case of an incident.
Why do my trees need to be pruned?
Will I need council permission to remove trees?
I have a huge tree that needs removal, are you able to take on the job?
In an emergency, how soon can you be at my property?
How do I know if I need council approval for a tree that is next to my house?
My solar panels are not running well due to trees shading them. Can you help?
I have a dead, dying or dangerous tree that I want to remove, do I need council approval?
If I live near bush land, can I remove trees that may be a fire hazard?


Are you able to deliver firewood to my home or business?
How long does firewood take to dry?
I've seen firewood cheaper, why is there such a difference in price?
What should I look for when buying firewood?
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